My quick list of what is in my closet revealed some real eye-openers.  First of all, this is how I did it:  With a pad and pencil I just listed all that I owned under three categories:  LOVE, LIKE, REPLACE, and REDO.   I only listed my winter clothing even though I had some fall and spring stuff in there.  I can tackle them at a later date.  Do you know what I found?

1) I have plenty of clothing to fit my needs. (See below for how I determine this).

2) I have only a few things on the LOVE list and a whole lot in the LIKE, REPLACE, and REDO  categories.  The main reason I have so much on these lists is because of: poor fit, items are worn or faded,  items need something to go with them for better wear.

This determines my sewing strategies for the coming year because I really want all of my clothing to be on the LOVE list.  I want to enjoy getting dressed every day and feel my best.  And, most of all, I want my clothing to be colorful, energizing, and fun.  That is the way I like to live so I really want my clothing to reflect my personality.

Wow! I have my work cut out for me!!!  It may take awhile to accomplish this but I am so excited to have a direction to go.


Part Two:

Do you have problems matching your wardrobe to your lifestyle?  Here are some ways to accomplish this:

1) Take last year’s calendar, a note pad, and pencil and list what your activities were that were clothing related. Just jot this down.  Examples include:  Sleeping, down time at home, work outs, hobbies that require clothing (such as tennis, yoga, skiing, etc.), work business dress, work casual dress, social events formal, social events casual, church. List any and all activities that you had last year that needed clothing (if you do not have your calendar, just try to come up with them in your head and in the next few weeks you can adjust as you see your needs).

2)Beside each category, list how many items you need for this activity.  You may want to have 10 different clothing choices for work and three different clothing choices for sleeping.

3) Now compare your list with what is in your closet and drawers. (It may help to write  your current clothing under each category on your list). Do you see gaps? That is where you need to spend your time sewing or shopping (if you are not on the Ready to Wear Fast).

Another method for helping with this is to list what you own in categories such as pants, skirts, shirts, blouses, jackets, sweaters, etc.I did this once and discovered that I had about five times more tops than I had bottoms.  No wonder I had a hard time finding something to wear!

Remember that you do not need to have 10 separate items if you need 10 different outfits.  You can always mix and match clothing to stretch your options.

There are many “lists” going around on the internet right now for wardrobe planning and sewing … such as the 8 way wardrobe.  I know this is a good way to corral your sewing into a simple formula.  But if you don’t need those 8 items, it still isn’t going to solve your  “I have nothing to wear!” problems.

If you follow the plan above, I guarantee you will have exactly what you need when you need it.  And that is the magic of a good wardrobe!

Happy Planning!