I thought last week was a challenge, but this week has it beat!! My Dad became very ill with what we thought was a stomach virus but has turned out to be much much more. Not sure what yet because even the doctors are stumped. I had to drive up from SC, take him to the ER, and now we are in the hospital (fourth day) awaiting answers. My Dad is 92, has had two major heart attacks, and battled lymphoma last year so this is no simple evaluation. He will probably need surgery which will make this a life or death situation. However, he is strong and determined and he is holding up his end. In the meantime, we wait and wait and wait.

Needless  to say, no sewing for me. I was all set to begin cutting out my first project and now this. I certainly think being with my Dad is way more important, but it is hard when you are gearing up to jump in with both feet and it comes to a screeching halt. Or has it?

I started to think how I could change this to a positive instead of a negative and this is how I have:

1. I have my new iPad so I can follow along on the RTW fasters Facebook page. Because  I have a lot of waiting quiet time, I can delve into all the details and enjoy seeing everyone’s creations.

2. I can make a list of what I want to sew and look at patterns and fabrics online.

3. I can imagine how I am going to sew my first garment so when I do start, I have a mental image of how to do it. If I think there will be a problem I can look at YouTube to see how to resolve it.

4. I can check out Ready To Wear for sewing ideas. I just saw a cute designer color block tee for spring that has my wheels turning.

5. I can knit! Yes, luckily my knitting was in a bag ready to go, so I grabbed it on the way out. Maybe I will be able to make progress on it. Here is a picture:

Knitting my sweater!

Knitting my sweater!

it may be hard to see but it is stripes of hot pink and red. Quite cheerful!