The Snow Storm of February 2014 has hit us hard here in South Carolina but I have been fortunate enough to keep my power which means I can finally sew something!!!

Yesterday when I realized there would be no work, I announced to the world that I was sewing all day!!  I wish that I could say it was something for me to wear, but I had another project that I had to do first… a baby doll blanket for my next door neighbor who turned two yesterday.  I saw this cute project on Pinterest on the Riley Blake Designs Blog called “Baby Doll Pouch Blanket Tutorial”.  It can be found at http://www.rileyblakedesigns.com/blog/2013/12/04/project-design-wednesdaybaby-doll-pouch-blank/

Of course, any sane person would have bought Riley Blake fabric and used it to make the baby doll blanket, but I had bought flannel for this project.  I used a polka dot flannel for the back and cut up matching 5 inch flannel charm squares to make smaller squares.  Here is what the front looks like after I sewed it together:


This was a chance for me to brush up on my rotary cutting skills.  I need to learn to slow down as I tend to think of rotary cutting as “zip zip” and am not always as accurate as I need to be.  I KNOW this, but still catch myself slipping when I cut my squares.

Next I lined up all my squares in a pattern and then carried them to the sewing machine as a group.  This helped me to speed sew the squares together. I did notice my sewing machine is not too good at feeding the material under the presser foot… a good excuse to buy a new machine if I decide to quilt!

Once I had the twelve strips sewn, I sewed those to each other being careful to keep the seams in the right direction.  I am NOT a quilter, but I have learned some of the things you are supposed to do.  Because my skills are “so so”, I did not have exactly perfect squares which would bug me to death if it was a true quilt. I don’t think the baby doll is going to notice but I would… can you tell I am a perfectionist? Just wish my skills were perfect, too… ah, but sewing is a learning process.

After the top was finished, I trued up the top, the batting, and the bottom to a square and quilted it by sewing in the ditch. Of course, this wasn’t perfect either when my squares were not all lined up as they should have been, but it looked fine due to the busyness of the pattern on the front and the back looked great with the squares of quilting.

I debated buying a ready made bias binding but didn’t like the look of the cotton with the flannel.  I decided to make my own… another skill I need to work on.  I cut my flannel on the bias after much internal debate on whether to cut it on the grain or on the bias. I only had one little piece of flannel left, so it made me very nervous to mess it up.  Luckily, I did the right thing as it made oodles of bias strips to work with. I went to the ironing board with my new gadget to make bias tape and realized that I probably should have cut it twice as wide due to the thickness of the flannel.  It turned out to be exactly what I wanted, but took a lot of time to attach. I machine sewed it to one side, turned it over the edges, and hand sewed it down on the top side.

Last, I had to go buy another piece of flannel for the baby pocket inside the quilt.  Luckily the snow was melted and I could get to Joann’s.  I bought a cute baby pink flannel that had the words “baby” printed on it. Came home and washed it so it would shrink up as the other flannel had been washed prior to sewing.  Well, the words almost disappeared in the wash.  Sad because that was the attraction of the fabric!

Sewing the pocket onto the inside of the baby doll blanket completed the process:

Baby Doll Blanket Pouch

Baby Doll Blanket Pouch

Here are the end results:

DSC03747I delivered it this week and it was quite a hit!!  A K immediately went to her room for her baby to put into the baby doll blanket.  It makes all the time and effort worthwhile to create a one of a kind birthday gift for my sweet next door neighbor!

Now on to the next project…