I started the 2014 RTW Fast in January with an evaluation of my clothing needs.  First up on my list was flannel pajamas because mine were in dire need of retirement. I hated to give them up because the fabric was so cute!  See?

I hate to give up this fabric!!

I hate to give up this fabric!!

But, alas, they had certainly seen better days so I cut them apart to use for a new pattern.  This was my first lesson of the new year:  to challenge myself to make my own patterns.

Making a new pattern

Making a new pattern

This really did not take as long as I expected and I look forward to tracing more of my favorite pieces. I carefully added seam allowances and other features.

While working on this, I ordered a gray leopard fabric from Fabric.com.  Imagine my surprise when it arrived and the design was tiny leopard spots!! It was okay but my second lesson from this garment:  make sure and get a swatch if it is important to know the exact scale of a print or the “feel” of a fabric.

I washed the fabric and LOVED the softness. It is a high quality fabric compared to the flannel I used in the baby doll blanket. It was a joy to sew and will be a joy to wear!

My next step was the cutting out.  I only made one mistake when I cut the cuffs too narrow and had to redo them on the fold of the fabric. Luckily I had some to spare. Lesson number 3:  Measure, measure, measure… then cut.

My next lesson involved adding ready made pink piping to places to add some “pop”. I chose to do this because when looking at fun pajamas in the marketplace, I noted they   all have piping along the design features.  So I added piping to cuffs on the legs, sleeves, the pockets and along the edge of the front facings and collar.  This involved cutting my facings into two pieces rather than just folding them back from the center. I really like the pink on the soft gray and white fabric.

Once the sewing began, I had no problems although I did take my time to make sure the piping was sewn as closely as possible and other details done right.  I enjoyed “slow sewing” vs. rushing through the project. It added a new dimension to my sewing experience to slow down and enjoy the process. I did have to catch a few minutes here and an hour there to do the work taking MUCH longer than usual for me, but I am quite pleased with the quality of my work.

The only change I would make to this pattern is to make the pockets larger.  I doubt I will use them for anything, but with my size, they need to be a bit wider to balance the front.  As you can see, I am clearly a plus-size and these pajamas are cut to make a roomy, comfortable fit:

My Finished Pajamas!! First Clothing Project for 2014 RTW Fast

My Finished Pajamas!!
First Clothing Project for 2014 RTW Fast

I LOVE them! I cannot describe how comfortable and soft they are.  I am looking forward to a cozy night ahead as this may be one of the last cold nights of 2014.